Term of use

All cohort allelic frequency data is released under a Fort Lauderdale Agreement. You can freely download and search the data. The main use is intended for for specific targeted sets of variants (for instance, assessing a set of candidate causal variants observed in a collection of rare disease patients). At this moment, burden analyses and phenotype-genotype correlations are encouraged through academic collaborations with our group. The restriction for individual-level data use is due to consent form limitations.

The dataset is available under the ODC Open Database License (ODbL). You are free to share and modify the ABraOM data so long as you attribute any public use of the database, or works produced from the database; keep the resulting data-sets open; and offer your shared or adapted version of the dataset under the same ODbL license.

If you’re uncertain which category your analyses fall into, please email us.

Citation in publications:

We request that any use of data obtained from the ABraOM browser cite this article. Methods are briefly summarized in the about section and fully described in the publication.

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